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Shroud of Zul'Jin
<Shroud> is a US Horde guild with mostly adult members that progresses through end-game content at a moderate pace. We have raided steadily since Summer 2007.

We raid from 8pm - 11pm EST on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays.

Loot is handled through officer loot council with priority given to attendance, raid needs, and attitude/loyalty.

And whoever walks a furlong without sympathy walks to his own funeral drest in his shroud...

- Walt Whitman


Tonight, after only a collective 35 wipes across the past couple of weeks, Shroud’s raid team put the Coven of Shivarra to rest. Our primary issue was getting the hang of interrupts when we had multiple sets of adds up at one time. After nailing down a rotation and making clear which adds needed to be focused, our attempts began to get much smoother and it was only a matter of time before the fight would be over.

We hit our best attempt tonight (12%) and shortly after, we had a kill. This now puts us at 9/11M with a few months before BfA comes out to snag ourselves kills on Aggramar and Argus. We’re looking forward to finishing out the tier strong and building upon our already amazing team for the next expansion.

Congratulations to everyone on a well-earned kill! Looking forward to getting some progress in on Aggie soon.

Enjoy the killshot and video below.

This post is late, but Shroud’s raid team killed mythic Varimathras the last week of March. This boss was generally simple, however it suffered from the same issue that plagued Maiden, in that one small mistake would instantly mean a raid wipe. In Vari’s case, if people moved too soon, too close to people, or too far away from people when they were debuffed with necrotic embrace, extra adds would spawn that we weren’t ready for and very likely wouldn’t be able to kill quickly enough. This meant that the add’s cast would go off, placing a damaging patch on the ground that would persist for the rest of the fight, ruining the attempt.

Early attempts were over very quickly because of this mechanic and it plagued us up to and beyond our first kill. Even when we only spawned the necessary adds during the attempt, sometimes we would fail to kill one quickly enough, which would also end any attempt.

It took a while, but eventually we had an attempt where everything went right, people did the dance correctly, and the boss fell over.

Congratulations to everyone on a great kill! I would say Coven is up next and we already made great progress, but WE KILLED THAT, TOO. Second post incoming soon…

7/11M: Mythic Analeece Down!

Edyn a posted Feb 27, 18

This past Sunday—just a week after Imonar fell to Shroud’s raiders—the team claimed another victory, this time over Analeece.

The fight added a new mechanic of which add to kill last during each intermission, as this would then decide which ability of Analeece’s would become empowered. We decided to primarily kill the red decimator add, as this ability was not too tough to deal with, as it merely required spreading out and avoiding getting hit by players targeted with decimation.

Killing the same add last multiple times over the fight added a stacking 25% increased damage buff on the boss, in addition to empowering abilities, making the fight more difficult. Because of this, we swapped the order of the adds we killed on the third set.

The fight was fairly straightforward and similar to its heroic counterpart, but killing adds quickly was far more important than it was on heroic. Apart from that, avoiding balls and letting tanks soak them when needed was probably the only mechanic we struggled with, but considering how quickly we killed the boss (just under two raid days), we actually did not struggle much at all.

Congratulations to everyone on a second progression kill in a week’s time! Next up is Varimathras. Looking forward to getting some solid progression time on this boss.

Sunday night, after several grueling weeks of progression, Shroud’s raid team finally vanquished Imonar the Soulhunter. Real life causing attendance issues made it so that a fair chunk of progression time was actually spent either reclearing farm or simply not being able to do progression at all. As a result, this boss died later than it should have, but thankfully, he did die.

When we first began progression, getting to 60% and then crossing the second bridge safely was perhaps our biggest issue. We would steadily lose people and be unable to have a full raid make the journey to the third platform. We eventually got through and began to get to this platform regularly, but it took a fair amount of cooldown coordination to do so, along with personal responsibility in general.

Personal responsibility, in fact, was a big problem throughout the time we spent on this boss. Getting hit by the balls Imonar would send out periodically as we attempted to cross was a common occurrence. Not only was this more damage on the raid and more pressure on the healers to keep everyone alive, anyone getting hit would be slowed, obviously hampering the long walk across the bridge. We generally improved on this the deeper into the fight we got, but there was still a fair amount of avoidable damage being taken.

Another issue was keeping tanks alive during more difficult bridge crosses, as they were popping cds and clearing our path of traps, wires, and mines. We had some attempts where we lost a tank and were unable to rez, due to having to use it earlier that had a good chance of resulting in a kill had we been able to rez. This made the fight even more frustrating than it already was, because we could have a relatively good attempt and be ready for the last platform with plenty of time on enrage only to lose a tank, be unable to rez, and then lose our remaining tank on the final platform, resulting a very low percentage wipe.

Indeed, we lost a tank on our kill and were unable to rez, but through pure magic and a little willpower somehow pulled off a ridiculous kill.

Congratulations to all involved! Next up is Kin’garoth. Hopefully we can improve a bit and avoid taking so many balls to the face.

In the past couple of weeks, Shroud's raid team took down Eonar and then Portal Keeper, for our fourth and fifth kill.

For Eonar, the biggest addition was needing a few groups to jump on a ship, quickly take down an add, click an assigned crystal, and then fly back over to the rest of the raid. We used a WeakAura to know where to be at all times, which made the fight considerably easier. It was still very similar to heroic however, so apart from the ship, we still completed the fight by running around a bunch and killing things.

Portal Keeper Hasabel was also very similar to heroic and primarily required us to make sure adds stayed interrupted and portal minibosses died quickly. There were a couple of additions to portal bosses, and we needed to grab debuffs to drop on them in order to actually kill them. For the orange portal, we needed three debuffs from the green portal in order to drop the three stacks of 90% damage reduction the miniboss had. For the green portal, we needed a debuff from the purple portal to negate the healing received by the miniboss.

Once we nailed down the debuffs, we were able to easily take down the minibosses and progress through the encounter. As long as imps stayed interrupted, the main platform stayed under control and the boss eventually fell over.

Congratulations to everyone involved on two new kills! Imonar is next and we've already made some decent progress in just a few pulls.

9/11 mythic!
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