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Shroud of Zul'Jin
<Shroud> is a US Horde guild with mostly adult members that progresses through end-game content at a moderate pace. We have raided steadily since Summer 2007.

We raid from 8pm - 11pm EST on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays.

Loot is handled through officer loot council with priority given to attendance, raid needs, and attitude/loyalty.

And whoever walks a furlong without sympathy walks to his own funeral drest in his shroud...

- Walt Whitman


In the past couple of weeks, Shroud's raid team took down Eonar and then Portal Keeper, for our fourth and fifth kill.

For Eonar, the biggest addition was needing a few groups to jump on a ship, quickly take down an add, click an assigned crystal, and then fly back over to the rest of the raid. We used a WeakAura to know where to be at all times, which made the fight considerably easier. It was still very similar to heroic however, so apart from the ship, we still completed the fight by running around a bunch and killing things.

Portal Keeper Hasabel was also very similar to heroic and primarily required us to make sure adds stayed interrupted and portal minibosses died quickly. There were a couple of additions to portal bosses, and we needed to grab debuffs to drop on them in order to actually kill them. For the orange portal, we needed three debuffs from the green portal in order to drop the three stacks of 90% damage reduction the miniboss had. For the green portal, we needed a debuff from the purple portal to negate the healing received by the miniboss.

Once we nailed down the debuffs, we were able to easily take down the minibosses and progress through the encounter. As long as imps stayed interrupted, the main platform stayed under control and the boss eventually fell over.

Congratulations to everyone involved on two new kills! Imonar is next and we've already made some decent progress in just a few pulls.

A couple weeks ago, Shroud’s raid team dismantled the Antoran High Command in mythic Antorus.

The fight was not too dissimilar from heroic, the most important differences were related to pods. On mythic, you could only ever enter a pod once, as you would be afflicted by a debuff preventing you from entering a pod again on that attempt. The next change was that you would now be harassed by bats while in the pod, that would primarily need to be killed by dps outside the pod. You gained a button in the pod to nuke one bat, but it had a long cooldown and was best used in situations where the dps wouldn’t be able to easily take down bats quickly (the double bat spawns).

We tried multiple ways of dealing with certain mechanics, namely bats and mines. When we first began progression, we were leaving the bosses where they spawned when activated, meaning melee would need to move away from the boss to be able to reach the bats, which was not ideal. We started tanking each boss to the right side of each pod, allowing us to aoe the bats on that side, maximizing aoe, and making bats die much faster. Left side bats were generally not an issue, taken care of easily by ranged.

As for mines, we tried manually clearing some of them to prevent high damage later if the third pod was unable to clear a large number of them. We then realized that this was unnecessary, and if the mines were primarily clumped together, the players assigned to the third pod could clear the majority of mines with relative ease.

With these changes made, we had a much easier time on the fight. It was now about doing as much dps as possible at the start, to make the fight as short as possible, which meant lusting at the start, when everyone’s cds were available. We also tweaked our strat to plan on beating the encounter on the second pod, which meant stacking all of the shields near that boss, instead of placing them near the third pod, since the third pod would not be necessary.

It took some time, but eventually we were able to stay alive long enough and push dps hard enough to claim victory when we were on the second pod.

Congratulations to all involved! We’ve already started on Eonar progression and very nearly had a kill after about a day of progression. We should see a kill very soon.

About a week before Christmas, Shroud's raid team beat the second encounter in Antorus, the Felhounds of Sargeras.

The fight was a bit different from heroic, but still easy to execute. At the beginning of the fight, we would be marked with a debuff, indicating which dog we should be near. Three minutes in, this would change, and we would swap. Taking the opposite damage of the dog you were assigned to would trigger some extra damage on players as well as either a fire patch or a grip to the closest player.

In addition to this mechanic, the dogs do not share a health pool in mythic, so we had to be sure they stayed within a few percent of one another when the fight was nearly over, in order to prevent them from healing up.

All in all, this boss was another easy introductory encounter, much like Garothi. The changes were minor and relatively simple to deal with, and we pulled through and got ourselves a kill.

Congratulations to all involved! We're already making some decent progress on High Command, and hope to have a kill soon.

Screenshot is below, kill video will be added soon.

1/11M: Mythic Garothi Down!

Edyn a posted Dec 14, 17

Last week, mythic Antorus opened and after clearing heroic, we made our way to Garothi to begin mythic attempts.

The first night went well, even with only about an hour of tries. The next night, Sunday, went even better, scoring us our first kill in mythic.

The fight was easy to learn, as there isn't much different in the way of mechanics. Things would get hectic at the end of the fight with the amount of damage going out as well as all the movement required to make sure we were soaking every annihilation, but we handled it well.

Garothi is an easy boss in general, and a nice introduction to the rest of the mythic encounters.

Congratulations to everyone on the kill! Dogs are next, and with the way our attempts have been going, we should have a kill very soon.

Over the past few weeks, Shroud’s raid team dedicated quite a few hours to learning and progressing on mythic Mistress Sassz’ine. Going into the fight, we knew she was essentially a Gorefiend-equivalent wall, so we were prepared for a lot of early wipes and a fairly long progression time.

We changed some of our strat throughout our time on the boss, trying to find the best tactics that would work for us. That meant first using a burden to clear the first set of bufferfish, although the timing could be tricky and it also meant a huge amount of damage on the raid. We also tried using jellyfish to clear, but that meant a lot of dispels for the resulting stuns. Finally, we decided that dropping them earlier, using the first set of murk dropped by the adds, made the most sense and was the easiest way to go about dropping the fish.

Once we were into the second phase, we had to position ourselves so as to not accidentally stack hydra shots while also avoiding ink and crashing waves. Additionally, people picking up fish needed to avoid damage in this phase to maximize their uptime on the buff.

Hydra shots, in general, were one of our biggest hang-ups throughout progression. We used a weak aura to help facilitate soaking, but there were times when we either goofed and simply missed a soak, or when hydra shot placement was a bit off and soaking would mean getting stunned for half a minute. Eventually, we became better at soaking in general, but even now there is still room for improvement on future kills.

Moving on, once we figured out the nuances of the second phase, we were steadily getting past it and going into the last phase. This phase was by far the most hectic, especially considering how long it lasts. There would always be a lot of things going on and this was exacerbated by having much of the encounter area filled with ink that we would attempt to clear as much as possible. As such, we regularly had trouble trying to get her to around 20%. At this point, though, the fight became about trying to perfect our reactions to her abilities and prepare as much as possible for overlaps and use defensive cooldowns for soaking shots, if we were able to do so. This sometimes meant sacrificing people just to keep the rest of the raid alive and keep incoming raid damage as low as possible.

Our wall on this fight came with the last 15-20%, as lust was gone by this point and we were trying to survive by the skin of our teeth. We would regularly get her to around 20% and then begin falling apart as damage kept ramping up.

Throughout our tries, we kept getting her lower and lower, finally damaging her to around 10% on some of our best wipes. From that point, it was all about minimizing damage taken, maximizing bufferfish uptime, and staying alive as long as we could.

Last night, we managed to do all of that and finally earned ourselves a kill on one of the most difficult bosses we have ever fought.

Congratulations to all involved! Next up: Maiden of Vigilance.

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