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Shroud of Zul'Jin
<Shroud> is a US Horde guild with mostly adult members that progresses through end-game content at a moderate pace. We have raided steadily since Summer 2007.

We raid from 8pm - 11pm EST on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays.

Loot is handled through officer loot council with priority given to attendance, raid needs, and attitude/loyalty.

And whoever walks a furlong without sympathy walks to his own funeral drest in his shroud...

- Walt Whitman


Over the past few weeks, Shroud’s raid team dedicated quite a few hours to learning and progressing on mythic Mistress Sassz’ine. Going into the fight, we knew she was essentially a Gorefiend-equivalent wall, so we were prepared for a lot of early wipes and a fairly long progression time.

We changed some of our strat throughout our time on the boss, trying to find the best tactics that would work for us. That meant first using a burden to clear the first set of bufferfish, although the timing could be tricky and it also meant a huge amount of damage on the raid. We also tried using jellyfish to clear, but that meant a lot of dispels for the resulting stuns. Finally, we decided that dropping them earlier, using the first set of murk dropped by the adds, made the most sense and was the easiest way to go about dropping the fish.

Once we were into the second phase, we had to position ourselves so as to not accidentally stack hydra shots while also avoiding ink and crashing waves. Additionally, people picking up fish needed to avoid damage in this phase to maximize their uptime on the buff.

Hydra shots, in general, were one of our biggest hang-ups throughout progression. We used a weak aura to help facilitate soaking, but there were times when we either goofed and simply missed a soak, or when hydra shot placement was a bit off and soaking would mean getting stunned for half a minute. Eventually, we became better at soaking in general, but even now there is still room for improvement on future kills.

Moving on, once we figured out the nuances of the second phase, we were steadily getting past it and going into the last phase. This phase was by far the most hectic, especially considering how long it lasts. There would always be a lot of things going on and this was exacerbated by having much of the encounter area filled with ink that we would attempt to clear as much as possible. As such, we regularly had trouble trying to get her to around 20%. At this point, though, the fight became about trying to perfect our reactions to her abilities and prepare as much as possible for overlaps and use defensive cooldowns for soaking shots, if we were able to do so. This sometimes meant sacrificing people just to keep the rest of the raid alive and keep incoming raid damage as low as possible.

Our wall on this fight came with the last 15-20%, as lust was gone by this point and we were trying to survive by the skin of our teeth. We would regularly get her to around 20% and then begin falling apart as damage kept ramping up.

Throughout our tries, we kept getting her lower and lower, finally damaging her to around 10% on some of our best wipes. From that point, it was all about minimizing damage taken, maximizing bufferfish uptime, and staying alive as long as we could.

Last night, we managed to do all of that and finally earned ourselves a kill on one of the most difficult bosses we have ever fought.

Congratulations to all involved! Next up: Maiden of Vigilance.

5/9M: Desolate Host Down!

Edyn a posted Sep 24, 17

A few weeks ago, Shroud’s raid team took down mythic Desolate Host in the Tomb of Sargeras. This marked our fifth kill in the instance.

The fight itself is relatively similar to its heroic counterpart with a few changes that essentially turn the fight into primarily add management with a bit of a tight enrage.

We were getting the mechanics of the fight down pretty well, but during progression, we were struggling to get to 30% and still have enough time to kill all three bosses before Host's soft enrage caused us to take too much damage and wiped us.

What ended up working was using lust at the start of the fight to ensure we dealt as much damage as we could in the beginning, effectively shortening the fight.

All in all, this encounter was not particularly difficult, but progression was halted a bit by some attendance issues which meant that we killed it later than we should have after Sisters.

Congratulations to everyone on a great kill!

Next up is Mistress, whom we’ve already gotten to 20% multiple times. We hope to have a kill soon.

4/9M: Mythic Sisters Down!

Edyn a posted Aug 11, 17

Last night, Shroud's raid team took down mythic Sisters of the Moon, giving us our fourth mythic kill in the Tomb of Sargeras.

The fight itself is not all that different from heroic, but managing debuffs is key. On mythic, we now take damage and gain a stacking debuff whenever someone crosses between light and dark. Too many stacks on the raid and it's almost a guaranteed wipe.

We initially tried to deal with these stacks by having six stationary groups for when the floor was transitioning, but that did not work as well as we had hoped. On our next raid day, we swapped to four groups which worked beautifully, provided we all watched where we stood and didn't accidentally trigger additional stacks, especially when dropping moon burn.

Once that was under control, we needed to learn the rest of the fight. One of the biggest issues we had during progression was simply avoiding glaives, which we generally dealt with by moving the boss to a wall and then moving back to the center.

Lunar Beacons in the last phase were another issue, and one that we still need to improve upon in the future. The last phase is very hectic and on some attempts, we ended up with beacons in bad spots.

All of this aside, we got ourselves the kill, which is the most important thing. Next, we're moving on to the Desolate Host, and our limited attempts have already given us a good feel for the fight and we hope to have a kill soon.

Congratulations to everyone on a well-earned (and, as you'll see in the video, quite ugly) kill!

This update is super late, but it was fairly difficult to come up with much to say about these two bosses. The first three bosses, difficulty-wise, are reminiscent of the first three bosses in Nighthold. They're entry-level, easy, boring bosses.

Harjatan is basically kill the right egg and then kill the adds that spawn from the other eggs. Demonic Inquisition is basically stagger going in the realm to avoid getting overwhelmed with adds when people come out.

Riveting stuff.

That said, we still killed these things and are now working on mythic Sisters of the Moon, a far more entertaining and challenging fight.

Enjoy the screenshots and videos below.

1/9M: Hello, Tomb!

Edyn a posted Jul 1, 17

Our first week in Tomb of Sargeras was particularly fruitful, giving us 8/9H (and 9/9N) with some attempts on Kil'jaeden.

The second week was even better: after doing some heroic on Tuesday, we turned our attention to mythic on Thursday, to see if we could nab our first mythic boss kill of the new tier. 22 attempts and an additional healer later, we downed Goroth. With no enrage, relatively easy mechanics to learn, and a high amount of healing required even with everything going right, it made sense to simply add a healer while we're still undergeared. It worked well, and was instrumental in getting us the kill.

Congratulations to everyone on a well-earned kill! One down, eight to go.

5/9M, sorry it's late
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