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Shroud of Zul'Jin
<Shroud> is a US Horde guild with mostly adult members that progresses through end-game content at a moderate pace. We have raided steadily since Summer 2007.

We raid from 8pm - 11pm EST on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays.

Loot is handled through officer loot council with priority given to attendance, raid needs, and attitude/loyalty.

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1/9M: Hello, Tomb!

Edyn a posted Jul 1, 17

Our first week in Tomb of Sargeras was particularly fruitful, giving us 8/9H (and 9/9N) with some attempts on Kil'jaeden.

The second week was even better: after doing some heroic on Tuesday, we turned our attention to mythic on Thursday, to see if we could nab our first mythic boss kill of the new tier. 22 attempts and an additional healer later, we downed Goroth. With no enrage, relatively easy mechanics to learn, and a high amount of healing required even with everything going right, it made sense to simply add a healer while we're still undergeared. It worked well, and was instrumental in getting us the kill.

Congratulations to everyone on a well-earned kill! One down, eight to go.

9/10M: Goodbye, Nighthold!

Edyn a posted Jul 1, 17

Apologies for the late update, but about three weeks ago, Shroud’s raid team officially closed out mythic Nighthold at 9/10M after downing Grand Magistrix Elisande.

As for how this boss went prog-wise... rings are bad. That's about it.

We put in a ton of work this tier and it paid off, giving us perhaps our best performance in a tier (particularly a first tier) to date. Congratulations to everyone raiding with us who helped make this possible!

This past Thursday, Shroud’s raid team took down mythic Star Augur Etraeus, netting us our eighth kill in the Nighthold.

The fight itself was not very difficult, but certain aspects gave us some trouble throughout progression. One of the biggest was grand conjunction and accidentally causing explosions. We would initially panic and run into each other, even though we had a great deal of time to find a partner and remove the debuff. It took us a bit, but we eventually got into a rhythm and started very rarely having collisions.

Another issue was a dps one, trying to get through the fel phase with only one fel nova because the second one would almost always kill us. We lusted in that phase to get past it, but we had to have the right group to do so. Any deaths or low dps would cause us to get a second nova and wipe.

The other couple issues we had were in the last phase. One was killing the big adds before they got off more than one explosion and the other was moving to a safe spot before world-devouring force went off. Once we made sure the adds were dying quickly enough, it was merely a matter of having people call out what markers were safe to move to in advance so that we would be able to avoid getting one-shot.

In the end, after about 75 attempts and only a few raid nights, the boss went down and we were victorious.

With only three weeks before Tomb opens, we’re looking to push Elisande hard and hopefully grab a kill before the next tier begins.

Tuesday night saw the defeat of mythic Tichondrius by Shroud's raid team. The previous week, we put some time in on him and that Sunday night, we were very close to a kill. The next raid night we cleared our five farm bosses and headed in to work on Tich some more. We made quick work of him, ending his life in just two pulls.

The fight itself is quite similar to its heroic counterpart, with some differences in mechanics already present on heroic. One of the most important changes was in how seeker swarm and carrion plague worked. Instead of the disease carriers simply moving to the opposite side of the boss to avoid hitting others when seeker swarm would go out, we now had to have people with immunities or enormous damage reduction cooldowns take the swarm hit to prevent it from killing everyone carrying the plague.

Once we got that part of the fight under control, to ensure that we did not lose the soakers unless it was intended, the rest of the fight was relatively simple to execute.

With Tich down, we moved on to Botanist Thursday and Sunday. Between the two raid days, we put in roughly 30 pulls before it went down, one of our fastest mythic progression kills. The first two phases are relatively snooze-worthy, with not much going on until the final phase, which is an absolute doozy of crazy stuff going down. Botanist is one of those fights where it does not really begin until the very end, and everything up until then is just preparation for the final phase. Getting to the last phase, getting every perfect, and wiping shortly after is always disheartening. But, when you finally get it right and all the transitions are on point, you end up with a kill.

Congratulations to everyone on two new kills in one lockout! Now on to Star Augur.

5/10M: Mythic Spellblade Down!

Edyn a posted Apr 14, 17

While waiting for raid to begin tonight, I put together the Krosus write-up and noted that Spellblade prog was going well and we would likely kill it soon. Admittedly, I did not quite expect it would be this soon, but I am extremely happy that it turned out this way.

The past couple weeks of progression on this boss primarily focused on the ranged getting the hang of dealing with mark of frost properly. It was definitely a difficult task and the vast majority of our wipes saw the boss hovering around two-thirds health and just beginning the fire phase, with marks of frost still out.

Once our ranged started getting into a good groove, we began to steadily get out of the frost phase and focus on executing fire phase so that we could then move on to arcane.

We were finally able to stitch all the pieces together and make our way through the entire fight with minimal issues and ultimately claim a kill.

Congratulations to all involved, and a special shoutout to our ranged and heals for doing the heavy lifting on frost phase, ensuring that marks were handled well and allowing us to cleanly transition to each new phase.

Next up we'll be looking at Tichondrius and Botanist, hoping to get ourselves another kill in Nighthold.

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Good stuff on clearing 8/9 Heroic guys - Good luck with mythic progression !!:d
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